1.  Tie games will play one extra inning only.

2.  Tournament is round robin with best record deemed the Gold Medal Winner.  First tiebreaker is head to head against opponent tied with.  Second tiebreaker is fewest runs allowed.  Third tiebreaker is run differential.

3.  Substitution rules - defense is open substitution while offense will use the high school substitution rule

4.  10 players will bat offensively

5.  Players home region is determined by their home address according to Ohio State Prospect Games Map.

6.  Registration fee is $325 per player.  Once a player is "selected" by his coach, he will be given a password to register online. Online the player will pay, as well as provide all personal information to be provided to college coaches in a Recruiting Packet.  Refunds available due to documented injury only or at the discretion of SSPG.  No refunds after July 15, 2015.  

7.  All coaches are expected to be in full uniforms.

8.  There are no limits to the amount of coaches from each region.

9.  Showcase Details-

  • 60 yard dash (fastest time from each age group wins a free pair of cleats courtesy of )
  • Infield, Outfield, Catcher throw
  • Batting Practice

10.  All players must sign a waiver before being allowed to play. 

11.  All games are full nine inning contests, regardless of which team is winning. 

12.  Home and visitors will be determined by a coin flip prior to the game.  Winning coin flip team can choose home or away.